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DATE: Friday 22nd March 2002 
TIME: 9am to 5.30pm
VENUE: INIVA (Institute for International Visual Arts)
6-8 Standard Place, Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3BE
MAP: streetmap

Tube: Old Street or Liverpool Street;
Buses: Curtain Road Bus Stop


The Lab is the first of two events investigating collaborations between the arts, academia and civil society organisations using new media and technology. It forms part of SoMa's Liquid Geography research theme, and is a partnership between Proboscis, INIVA and MEDIA@LSE (London School of Economics).

Liquid Geography is a SoMa research theme which questions and explores contemporary perceptions of geography, territory and landscape.

Using the themes of 'Landscape & Identity; Language & Territory', the Labs will explore how innovative use of new technologies can transform our perception of other societies and cultures, territories and places, and provide enabling tools which are a catalyst for the development of new ideas. They will also examine how new technologies might bridge a range of disciplines to make ideas and knowledge available to diverse communities in different areas.

The first Lab aims to map out issues at the heart of cross-sector collaboration between cultural and social organisations - what each can learn from the other, and how creative partnerships can be mutually beneficial.

The second Lab (on May 22nd) will begin the process of planning a future programme of work based around the LI;LT themes.


  • How do we map and interpret of the shifting boundaries between the local and the global?
  • How are our visions and understandings of the landscape we inhabit created and how do they affect the way we then alter the landscape to fit that vision?
  • How do information communication technologies (ICTs) affect our perceptions of geography?
  • How are our concepts of identity constructed and defined through our relationships to landscape and territory? In what ways are languages tied to experiences of the landscapes their speakers inhabit and what does this mean for strategies of translation and communication?
  • How are civil society organisations using ICTs beyond business management and how are they experiencing their growing use? What costs (time / training / human etc) and constraints might ICTs impose on culture and civil society organisations seeking to make collaborative creative use of them?
  • How can questions of difference and distinction/distinctiveness be articulated in the liquid space of contemporary culture?

The Lab will be focussed on group discussions with several short presentations by Professor Robin Mansell (LSE), Pat Naldi (artist) and Gary Stewart (INIVA).

9.15-9.30am: Registration
9.30-10am: Introductions & coffee
10am-10.15am General Introduction: Alice Angus, Giles Lane & Gary Stewart

3 x 10-minute project demonstrations
Professor Robin Mansell (LSE)
Pat Naldi (artist)
Gary Stewart (INIVA)

11-11.45: Open floor discussion
11.45-1pm: Break into groups:
what are the significant questions & issues relating to LI;LT for artists/cultural organizations and civil society agencies?
1-2pm: lunch
2-2.30pm: Groups report back
2.30-3pm: Open floor debate on group feedback
3-3.30pm: Presentation on DIFFUSION eBooks & LI;LT commissions:
Alice Angus & Giles Lane
3.30-4.15pm: Break into groups:
what potential for collaborative outcomes can be imagined?
(coffee, tea & cakes available)
4.15-4.45pm: Groups report back
4.45-5.30pm: Open floor debate on group feedback
5.30pm: Wrap up
6pm onwards: Post seminar drink at the Cantaloupe Bar & Grill,
Charlotte Road EC2


Professor Robin Mansell Media@LSE, London School of Economics
Pat Naldi Artist
Aladin Cultural Strategy Advisor, Mayor of London's Office
Roshini Kempadoo Artist & Lecturer, University of East London
Mohini Chandra Artist & AHRB Research Fellow, Royal College of Art
Peter Armstrong Director, Oneworld International
Simon Roberts Freelance Researcher / Anthropologist
Maggie Warwick Canadian High Commission
Gair Dunlop Artist
Sarah Thelwall Independent Strategy Consultant
Peter Ride Research Fellow, University of Westminster
Laura Watts designer, Sand14
Dr Aaron Watson Archaeologist, University of Reading / Sand14
Azril Bacal Paolo Freire Institute, Brazil
Jemima Johnstone Strategic Development Officer for London Museums Archives and Libraries, London Museums Agency

Event facilitation:
Alice Angus (project leader), Giles Lane & Katrina Jungnickel (Proboscis)
Gary Stewart, Steve Ouditt, Rebecca Sinker & Graham O'Brien (INIVA).

Landscape & Identity; Language & Territory is a collaboration between Proboscis, MEDIA@LSE and inIVA as part of SoMa's LIQUID GEOGRAPHY Research Theme.

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