Fears are easily rationalised in the attic
Caroline Smith

Private Reveries and Public Spaces:
some thoughts on the relation between art and social science in an age of media and technology

Professor Roger Silverstone, MEDIA@LSE

Shaggy Dog Stories
Matt Locke, BBC Creative R&D

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In July 2001 Proboscis commissioned fourteen proposals from leading artists and designers addressing the theme of converging media technologies (internet, radio, interactive television, wireless & mobile communications etc.) and their social and cultural impact on the shifting relationship between private and public spaces.

Three proposals were selected by a panel of judges to be developed into online 'conceptual prototypes'. Presentation to the public, peers, academia & industry takes place in June 2002.

PRPS is a SoMa research project.

PRPS is an intervention in the development of new media networks and services. It introduces innovative and experimental work into the public sphere to challenge as well as to inspire companies, regulatory agencies and researchers involved in the design and building of the new media ecology.

PRPS is a framework for experimental projects that investigate the implications of these new networks and converging platforms and services. Proboscis intends to trigger debate and argue for closer involvement of creative producers (artists and designers etc.) in the planning and implementation of technologies and services in the new electronic public domains.

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