Sand 14
Sand 14
The Point of Technology
exploring the deification of convergent media

To deify technology is to elevate technology to a position of reverence, awe and respect.

The Point of Technology seeks to expose the possible sanctification of convergent media by situating it as a technology within a broader social perspective.

The Point of Technology will explore how deification may impact upon both our experience of convergent media and its future development.

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Sand14 is an independent arts, research and consultancy endeavour.

As a partnership, it draws upon both six years experience of future technology design and development in industry and ten years of academic research in archaeology and prehistory. This gives Sand14 a perspective of technology, space and social experience across the past, present and future.

Sand14 aims to combine and communicate with the arts, industry and academia. Alongside involvement in the digital arts, its work so far includes a multimedia experience of acoustic archaeology combining modern subsonics and textural composition with photography and academic research.

As a creative resource Sand14 is interested in collaborating with the arts, industry and academia. They can be contacted through


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