Proboscis is an independent artist-led creative studio directed by Giles Lane and Alice Angus.
A non profit distributing company limited by guarantee founded in 1994, incorporated in 1996.
Registered in England and Wales, Number 03274453
VAT Registration Number: GB 752 4674 18

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We are fascinated by stories and the complex tissue of people’s lives; how they live, why they do what they do and the things they truly value.

Our projects most often involve us engaging with very different kinds of people in different places : from highly educated and empowered communities in places like universities and institutions to loosely affiliated grassroots groups in specific locations like villages, social housing or public spaces.

We attempt, by developing cultures of listening, to tease out what people value about the situation and context in which they find themselves and then to help them create communicate and share these things.

To do this we invariably collaborate with others: sometimes technologists, sometimes researchers and scientists, sometimes people with other skills and expertise in social, cultural or artistic disciplines. These collaborations have enabled us to invent and innovate processes and techniques as well as tools and platforms that help the participants in our projects re-tell their stories, knowledge and experiences in exciting and dynamic ways.

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