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for future generations

Notebook Templates

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Tok Pisin

Pianim na kisim ol PDF Fail hia:

16 pes Standard Notbuk (wantaim kwesten) • view options

16 pes General Purpose Notbuk (nogat kwesten – emi fri long rait) • view options

16 pes Skul Notbuk (wantaim kwesten) • view options

16 pes RCF Skul Klimat Senis Notbuk (wantaim kwesten) view options

16 pes Save bilong Timbuna Notbuk (wantaim kwesten) • view options

20 pes Wok igat Planti Hap o han bilong en Notbuk • view options

16 pes Timbuna Stori Notbuk (wantaim kwesten) • view options

12 pes Haus Tambaran Notbuk (wantaim kwesten) • view options

16 pes Structured Notbuk (long kwesten) – Bilingual Tok Pisin/Inglisview options

TKRN Olgeta Notbuks long Tok Pisin nung wantaim long websait bookleteer

Pasin bilong mekim na foldim notbuk (Tok Inglis/Tok Pisin)

TKRN Tok Save Bilong Tulkit

TKRN Sotpela Tok Save Bilong Wok

Infomesen bilong ol manmeri long TKRN

TKRN Tok Save Bilong Usim Kompyuta


16 page Tanna Garden Kastom Notebook with Questionsview options

20 page VKS General Notebook v2 with Questionsview options

16 page Wan Smolbag General Notebook with Questionsview options

16 page VKS Akioloji Unit Notebook with Questionsview options

12 page Land Desk Awareness Notebook with Questionsview options

16 page VKS General Notebook with Questionsview options

16 page Kinship Notebook with Questionsview options

TKRN Bislama Not buks Collection on bookleteer

Hao blong wokem wan not buk (English/Bislama)


TKRN Toolkit Short Guide – English

16 page Standard Notebook with Questions – Englishview options

TKRN Notes for Using the Computer

TK Reite Notebooks is a toolkit for documenting and transmitting traditional knowledge to future generations that respects indigenous self-determination. It uses a combination of digital technologies and paper – it is low cost, simple to use and can be easily adapted for different communities and languages.

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