Visualise Lifestreams


Proboscis has been commissioned as part of Anglia Ruskin University’s Visualise programme to collaborate with Philips R&D UK, based in Cambridge Science Park. Over 6 months or so we will be exchanging ideas and iterating prototypes that  address issues of personal motivation, continuity and relevance in the use of health monitoring technologies for well being and positive behavioural change in people and communities.

Responding to an initial invitation from Philips to think about innovation in technologies such as NFC (near field communications) and personal healthcare, the focus of the collaboration has evolved to look at how these technologies are becoming part of a burgeoning social and personal agenda for well being and healthy lifestyles.

Through a collaborative discovery process we will re-frame personal health related information in the form of playful tangible artefacts and publicly engaging exhibits that explore how such data can be re-interpreted to open up different ways of engaging with health issues and stimulate new discussions on the use personal health data in lifestyle contexts.

Team : Giles Lane & Stefan Kueppers (Proboscis); David Walker & Steffen Reymann (Philips); Dipak Mistry (A&B); Andy Robinson (Futurecity/ARU).

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Partners : Philips R&D UK, Arts & Business, Futurecity, Anglia Ruskin University