Perception Peterborough



Peterborough is currently one of the UKs four Environmental Cities and it aims to become the Environmental Capital.

Perception Peterborough is a dynamic and creative visioning project which brought together key local representatives with creative thinkers to develop innovative approaches to the challenges and opportunities facing Peterborough over the next 15-20 years. Proboscis was commissioned to develop and lead a series of creative workshops alongside consultants Haring Woods Associates.

As part of our research for the project, we conducted an anarchaeology of the city and its people and created a series of Impressions to inspire different perspectives on the key themes for workshop participants and project stakeholders.

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Team: Alice Angus, Niharika Hariharan, Matt Huynh, Giles Lane, Karen Martin, Sarah Thelwall, Carmen Vela Maldonado & Orlagh Woods.

Commissioned by Peterborough City Council; Arts Council England, East; Opportunity Peterborough, East of England Development Agency, MLA, Natural England, Sport England and English Heritage.

Proboscis would like to thank the many people we encountered in our research as well as those we spoke to for longer and in particular the following: Renny Antonelli, Simon Belham, Nuno Costa, Jimmy D, Vladimir Demcak, Patricia Higham, Judith Jacobs, Keely Mills, Nathan Murdoch, Glen Nelson, New Link Translators, Luke Payn, Amanda Preston, Proteus Canoe Club, Michael Riccardi, Monika Romankiewicz, Liliana Ronseca, Phil Sheppard, Jurga Tonkuniene.