Mapping Perception

Mapping Perception was a four year collaboration between Giles Lane, curator and producer, Andrew Kötting, the acclaimed director of Gallivant and This Filthy Earth, and Mark Lythgoe, neurophysiologist at the Institute of Child Health, London with the participation of Eden Kötting.

Mapping Perception examined the limits of human perception through an investigation of impaired brain function, making visible the connections between scientific and artistic explorations of the human condition, probing the thin membrane between the able and the disabled.

At the heart of the project is Eden, Andrew’s daughter. She was born at Guy’s Hospital, London, in 1988 with a rare genetic disorder – Joubert Syndrome – causing cereberal vermis hypoplasia and several other neurological complications. Eden participated in the project as both a catalyst and a cypher for a more general investigation into how we see the world and perceive difference.

Mapping Perception has four main outcomes:

  • a 37 minute 35mm film
  • an immersive & environmental sensory installation
  • a book & CD-ROM (buy online)
  • a website

Project Website

Team: Giles Lane, Andrew Kötting, Mark Lythgoe, Alice Angus, Catherine Williams

Funded by Sciart Consortium (Production Award), Film Council (National Lottery Award), London Production Fund, Caloutse Gulbenkian Foundation and South East Arts.