Peer2Peer was an informal network of people interested in developing collaborations and practical solutions for potential partnerships across the arts, industry and academia, established and managed by Proboscis between 2001 and 2005. The network consisted of individual artists and designers and people from academia, industry, public funding agencies, private foundations and government.

People are at the centre of collaborative innovation – Peer2Peer facilitated dialogues and encounters between people from different sectors of creativity, research and development. Conversations and random, lateral exchanges of ideas are the drivers of collaborations and partnerships. Peer2Peer aimed to replicate the fluid dynamics of a people-centred approach over that of institutions and organisations – connecting people, facilitating collaborations and cooperative projects and share information in an open environment. Its areas of practice focused on developing greater links and cooperation between the arts, business, industry and academia, providing a level-field meeting place, stimulating model projects and facilitating collaborations.

Project Website

Team: Alice Angus & Giles Lane

Funded by Collaborative Arts Unit, Arts Council England.