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August Its the system, stupid article on BBC News by Bill Thompson Urban Tapestries
March Alice Angus & Joyce Majiski featured in A New Day on CBC Radio North, 1 March 2005 Topographies & Tales
February Geo-tagging The CityNew Media Knowledge, 27 February 2005 Urban Tapestries
  Imagination, perception and geographic realities in The Yukon News, 9 February 2005 Topographies & Tales

October Finding a New Path to Local History in Worthing Herald, 14 October 2004 Navigating History
  Proboscis Probes Urban Public Authoring
Article by Howard Rheingold for The Feature
Urban Tapestries
  Film Reveals History of Life by the Seaside and Showman Obscura both in Folkestone Herald, 14 October 2004 Navigating History
  Navigating History: a review of Botanizing the Library in Folkestone Herald, 7 October 2004 Navigating History
  Artists Bring History to Life in Worthing Guardian, 1 October 2004 Navigating History
September Giles Lane interviewed for NPR Radio: The World Handheld Report (17/09/2004) Urban Tapestries
  Navigating History: Seeing By The Sea and The Past Reinterpreted by Contemporary Artists both in The Quarter Magazine, no 21 Navigating History
  UT featured in icon magazine issue 16 Urban Tapestries
July UT featured in E-Government Bulletin focus on wireless networks Urban Tapestries
  Navigating History: an appeal for information in The Quarter Magazine, no 19 Navigating History
  Any old films in the atticFolkestone Herald, July 22nd 2004 Navigating History
  UT featured in Bill Thompson’s BBC Online column Urban Tapestries
June Mobiles build interactive cities by Helen R. Pilcher in Nature Science Update Urban Tapestries
March Location Services Change from Concept to Reality
by Eric Lin in The Feature
Urban Tapestries
  Smart Places by Jack Schofield in The Guardian Urban Tapestries
January The Semantic Earth by David Weinberger in Esther Dyson’s Release 1.0 Urban Tapestries
  Walking Through Sound by David Toop in Vodafone Receiver Urban Tapestries

November Article in by Mike Grenvile Urban Tapestries
October Digicult Technology Watch Briefing 10 [PDF 652Kb] Urban Tapestries
May Article by Andrew Lee in The Engineer Urban Tapestries
  Science and art – A new way to see our world in UCL News Mapping Perception
February Feature by Sophia Spencer in SCICULT Mapping Perception
  Book Review by Gareth Evans in Artists Newsletter Mapping Perception
Mapping Perception

November BBC RADIO 4
MAPPING PERCEPTION: Presented by Francine Stock
Mapping Perception
  MAPPING PERCEPTION: Film Review in The Guardian Mapping Perception
October EDEN IN THE PARK in South London Press
Mapping Perception
  MAPPING PERCEPTION: Exhibition Review in VARSITY ONLINE Mapping Perception
  The Art& Science of Mapping Perception in ARTS HUB Mapping Perception
  Eden in the Park in SOUTHWARK NEWS Mapping Perception
  LFVDA / London Production Fund Newsletter
Mapping Perception
August Consciousness cinema: notes on a unique Sci-Art collaboration by Andrew Kötting in Vertigo Magazine Mapping Perception

November e books by Stephen Bury in Art Monthly DIFFUSION eBooks

November ICH / GOSH R&D Bulletin
Mark Lythgoe wins prestigious BA Dorothy Hopkins Award Lecture
Mapping Perception
May When Artists Meet Scientists in Disability Times Mapping Perception
  ICH / GOSH R&D Bulletin
Interview with Mark Lythgoe
Mapping Perception

Press Releases
May 2003 Press Release: DTI Funding [A4 PDF 144Kb] Urban Tapestries