City of Refuge

Proboscis is a partner in the project, Resilient Communities, Resilient Cities? Digital makings of the city of refuge, led by Professor Myria Georgiou of the Media & Communications Dept at London School of Economics. The project seeks to:

examine the role of digital communication in the making of cities of refuge. More particularly, it focusses on urban communities’ digital responses to sudden, unplanned and/or unwelcome change resulting from irregular migration into the city. The project zooms into urban neighbourhoods that receive large number of refugees and migrants. It examines how urban communities mobilise digital communication to respond to disruption and develop capacities to manage change. From the development of local networks in support of refugees, to local training into digital skills, cities’ resilience is tested in the capacity to sustain inclusive, integrated and prospering communities.

Proboscis’ role is to design the engagement activities and direct workshop facilitation with the various groups taking part across communities in 3 sites: London, Athens & Berlin.

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Team: Giles Lane (Proboscis); Myria Georgiou, Suzanne Hall, Deena Dajani, Kristina Kolbe, Afroditi Koulaxi (LSE); Myria Chandra (Counterpoint Arts).

Partners: London School of Economics & Counterpoint Arts.

Funded through the LSE’s Institute of Global Affairs (IGA) as part of the Rockefeller Resilience Programme.

Begun & Completed 2018