Graffito @ Tent Digital

October 6, 2010 by  

The other week I had another chance to help the Graffito crew, this time exhibiting at Tent Digital in the Old Truman Brewery, as part of the London Design festival. I popped down on Thursday and Friday to lend a hand showcasing it, in much the same way as the Vintage at Goodwood festival; getting visitors to collaboratively doodle on an iPhone or iPad, their handiwork being displayed via a projector onto a large screen. This time however, the focus was very much on Graffito in its own right, rather then part of a festival arena. Many visitors were in the design industry and were considering larger implications for Graffito, which meant diverting many of the more technical questions to Nick and Jenn, the developers. I was content to continue doodling, and now I can boast impressive renditions of a rabbit, a rural landscape, and a raincloud, very topical considering the weather outside.

There seemed to be a lot more collaborative drawing this time around, with people adding to drawings by others, perhaps due to the more focused interaction in a smaller space. The eBook created for the event by Giles proved to be very popular – we even had to restrict the amount available at any time to avoid being empty handed on the remaining days.

Keep doodling!


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