Robotville Festival visit

December 12, 2011 by  

research robots on show at the Ldonon Science Museum at the Robotville Festival


I went to a really fun private view for the Robotville Festival at the London Science Museum the other week. It was robots-galore with a fresh sliced view on the current state of play in European robotics research. Why was it useful and fun? It was not a poster and film session – Oh no! IT was a full blown live set of live demonstrations with researchers presenting there current research prototypes in different challenges around human computer interaction in the filed of robotics.

It was particularly interesting as it gave the public a direct opportunity to not just see  the robot prototypes in action but also to strike up conversations with the researchers behind the work. It was a surprising, charming and sometimes even disconcerting window on what we will see in the near future around us, in the shop, in public venues, even at home for purposes anywhere from servicing, entertainment to commerce. All in all it was a fascinating snapshot  of the current state of play in robotics research in Europe.

Watch a video of the Robotville event at the Lodnon Science Museum





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