15 years old

June 25, 2009 by  

Sometime in late June 1994 (the exact date now escapes me) the original partnership that founded Proboscis formally came into existence. Initially we were just a name and a bank account (Proboscis was eventually incorporated as a non-profit distributing company in November 1996) set up to publish COIL journal of the moving image, but even from those early days we had the seed of an idea that Proboscis could become a creative vehicle for all kinds of experiments and projects.

About a year ago we mapped most (if not all) of our relationships with partners, collaborators, supporters, funders, investors and sponsors. This image (below) gives a good indication of just how Proboscis developed a transdiscplinary and cross-sector creative practice over 14 years. Since last year we’ve added even more partners and funders: including Queen Mary (University of London); Mixed Reality Lab (University of Nottingham); ¬†University of Southampton; Haring Woods Associates; and the Technology Strategy Board among others. And we are looking forward to working with a whole new set of partners and collaborators in the year to come and beyond that for another 15 years or longer.



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