COIL journal issue 1

March 15, 1995 by  


  • Jayne Parker
  • Simon Lewandowski
  • Victoria Mapplebeck
  • Stef Zelinskij


  • Atif Ghani – A New Cultural Politics of Difference
  • Brandon LaBelle – The Poetics of Blue (Derek Jarman)
  • Mark Cousins – Danger and Safety
  • Jamie Wagg – History Painting
  • Eugene Finn – Silence and Darkness South of the Border: High Boot Benny
  • Kathleen Rogers – Psi-Net
  • Marion Reichert – The Third Mind of Technology
  • Gina Czarnecki – Authenticity of the Image
  • Wayne Sleeth – The Perpetual Minute: the films of Rebecca Horn
  • Christopher Maris – Kino Schmino: the VGIK film school in Moscow
  • Emina Kurtagic – Is it Alchemy, a Dream or a Wish to Escape?
  • Giles Lane – Jeux des Anges/Bovisa: an inventory of confluence and representation

edited by Giles Lane
issue designed by Damian Jaques cover images: Victoria Mapplebeck and Alnoor Dewshi
published March 1995


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