COIL journal issue 7

September 15, 1998 by  


  • Willie Doherty
  • Rory Hamilton
  • ISO/Toni Davidson
  • Sera Furneaux
  • Matthew Dalziel & Louise Scullion


  • Johnny de Philo [Sue Golding] – Blood Poetics
  • Anonymous – The Entrapment [illustrated by Dave McKean]
  • Sandra Lahire – The Fairies Banquet: on Sarah Pucill
  • Regina Cornwell – Critic to Artists: Q&A – The Computer and Art-making
  • Nelly Voorhuis – Artfilm and Video in the Arena of Art Exhibitions
  • Chris Darke –Profession: Reporter, on John Sargeant’s The Blue Summer
  • Sally Stafford – Guilt, the Confessional and 1940s Woman’s Film

edited by Giles Lane
issue designed by Richard Bonner-Morgan & Simon Emery cover images: Sara Roberts
published September 1998

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