Mapping Perception Book & CD-ROM

October 15, 2002 by  

An 80 page book and CD-ROM accompanying the film and installation, the book contains illustrated texts by Janna Levin, Giles Lane, Mark Lythgoe, Andrew & Eden Kotting and Toby McMillan and contributions from scientists at the Institute of Child Health and the University of Washington.

“An exemplary undertaking of great precision and reach”
Gareth Evans, Artists Newsletter, February 2003

Book edited by Giles Lane & Katrina Jungnickel with Mark Lythgoe
Designed by Allyson Waller
CD-ROM edited by Alice Angus
Designed by Nima Falatoori, NMoDesign

Paperback 80 pages, 180 colour images ISBN: 1 901540 21 9
Published October 2002
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  1. Lawrence W. Kozoyed on August 17th, 2010 5:12 am

    I have been doing research on processes or modalities which feed creativity for over twenty years.

    I am looking for information/papers/informal notes from Dr. Mark Lythgoes who I recently saw on the televised program “On Genius” in which he briefly discussed his work and how it relates to artist Tommy McHugh.


    Lawrence W. Kozoyed
    Institute for Mentoring
    Integral Studies in Science, Art, and Spirituality
    Portsmouth, VA USA 23701
    757 488 7146