Diffusion Residency – Stewart Home

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Artist and writer Stewart Home will be in residence at Proboscis in December and January 2008 creating a series of eBooks using the Diffusion Generator.

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The eBooks

Diffusion Residency – Alex Murdoch

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Alex Murdoch, founder and director of Cartoon de Salvo, one of the UK’s most dynamic improvised theatre company’s, is in residency at Proboscis in Autumn 2008. Alex is creating a series of eBooks inspired by the stories Cartoon de Salvo created during their UK tour of Hard Hearted Hannah in Spring 2008. The show was a ground-breaking long-form inprovisation where, each night, the audience provided the cast with the title of the night’s show which was then improvised. Over 50 shows and stories were created, which are being collated and illustrated by Alex as part of her Diffusion Residency.

Follow Alex’s publications in the Residencies Series.


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Diffusion is the downloadable book format developed by Proboscis in 1999. Since then it has become one of our key tools for research and public engagement, as well as a platform for commissioning new writing and artists books. The design schematics were published in 2001 for anyone to use for their own purposes.

In 2003 Proboscis began developing an online web application, Diffusion Generator, to enable people without graphic design skills or access to professional DTP software to create their own eBooks and StoryCubes. The Generator was operational from November 2006 until August 2009 and used for a programme of Case Studies and Residencies at Proboscis for artists, writers, curators and community development workers.

In late 2008 Proboscis received funding from the Technology Strategy Board to develop an API for third party websites to use its services. In September 2009 we subsequently launched the bookleteer public authoring/self-publishing platform.

The Diffusion website hosts hundreds of published eBooks and StoryCubes – from September 2012 it is maintained as an archive site with all new publications being shared directly through bookleteer’s public library and curated by Proboscis pages.

Diffusion website

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Funded by Collaborative Arts Unit, Arts Council England; Technology Strategy Board